Les bords de l'Ellé dans le Finistère Sud sont idéal pour les pauses déjeuners.
4 lec’h piknikañ plijus ha distanus

4 cool and refreshing picnic spots!

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Looking for an unusual place to picnic, away from the hustle and bustle of the seaside? We've got just the place for you! However, you'll need to observe all the rules of hygiene that are important in these unspoilt natural spots... as in any picnic spot for that matter!

#1 Troysol, the hidden corner of the Quimperlé region

A meadow for picnics, the River Isole flowing through the middle and trees for a little shade. You're sure to find this little waterside spot so endearing that you won't want to leave it! Here, you can cross the river on foot, with the small stone dam acting as a bridge for the less adventurous... "Tro-Ysol" means "Valley of the Isole". Surrounded by tall trees and encircled by the river Isole, the Troysol site is an invitation to relax, where children can play ball on the grassy plain or watch butterflies and dragonflies.

The Isole, which flows as far as Quimperlé, is a very tranquil river, shallow in summer... a place to discover too, thanks to the 8km Saint-Thurien walk which passes through the middle of the site.

A long way from the hustle and bustle of the coast, but a lively place all summer thanks to the Guinguette de Troysol! For those who haven't packed a picnic, there's a snack bar on offer. And there's plenty of music to enjoy, thanks to the evening concerts organised throughout the summer!


#2 From Ty Nadan

The Ellé meadows are just as pleasant as their cousins on the Isole. If you go for a walk north of Quimperlé, near the Ty Nadan campsite, you'll find a peaceful spot to relax in the heart of nature!

This riverside area is extremely peaceful, and you'll only be disturbed by the birds and insects that inhabit the banks of this watercourse.... Or a kayak passing by and following the current towards Quimperlé. The large meadow leaves plenty of room for everyone to choose their own little spot and set up their picnic in the shade of the trees lining the river.

You can dip your feet in the water to refresh your body! For fishing enthusiasts, the Ellé is a Mecca for salmon fishing. However, you'll need to be well equipped and trained before you can catch this emblematic fish of the river, a sign of the good quality of the region's waters!


La vallée de l'Ellé se situe dans le sud Finistère proche de la commune de Quimperlé.

#3 Around the Moulin Blanc

On the banks of the River Isole, there's a place steeped in history and rich in ecological diversity: the Moulin Blanc. This 10-hectare estate boasts a wide variety of ecosystems. Information panels explain the flora and fauna of the area. Trees, plants, birds, insects... there's a long list of species on the site. You can discover them all along a 4km walk that follows the river and then loops back to the mill.

Tables and benches are available to make the most of this enchanting place, and you can even sit down on the grass and watch where you put your feet... Here, as elsewhere, nature comes first. The educational panels are a good reminder of that!

A mini beach made up of pebbles downstream of the mill allows you to enjoy the river, a good dose of freshness before a possible hike (?)


Trouvez les petits coins sympas pour pique-niquer sur la Destination Quimperlé les rias

#4 Le Moulin du Roch, 2000 years of history

Head east of Quimperlé, to Arzano, for our 4th favourite spot! On the banks of the River Scorff, the Moulin du Roch is a haven for otters, swallows, bats and rare plants such as orchids. The site is also steeped in history, with a feudal motte and moat, a Roman road and the mill, whose mechanism is still there and visible! Over 2000 years of history overlap...

The small clearing where the Scorff flows is a magical place for a picnic with family or friends. The site is very quiet, with only the sound of the water to be heard! You can dip your feet in the water at a natural dam that used to catch fish. A pontoon is also available for bathers.

Although the site is quiet, it remains lively. Festivals, events and guided tours bring the site to life every summer. There's no better way to discover the richness of this site than by taking one of the many walks!


Le Moulin du Roch est situé sur le Scorff, entre Finistère sud et Morbihan
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