Le Bélon offre de belles balades à pied, en kayak ou bateau.
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the rias in South Finistère

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A must for Destination Quimperlé les rias, these seawater-filled estuaries offer an unrivalled way of life. They are home to lively little harbours, protected from the spray, where convivial moments spent with feet in the water are highly prized! Here, the flora and fauna live to the rhythm of the high and low tides. At high tide, you can take a kayak out for a stroll. At low tide, the whole family can wander along the riverbed, scratching the sand in search of clams and other shellfish. It's also a good time to discover the many oyster and mussel beds that keep the area busy.

#1 The port of Doëlan

The beauty of the port of Doëlan, in Clohars-Carnoët, epitomises the beauty of the rias in South Finistère. Nestling in a deep, narrow ria, this authentic fishing port near Quimperlé is guarded by two lighthouses, one green and one red, which you'll have no trouble spotting! Take a few moments to enjoy the view - it's well worth a snap!


Discover Doëlan

Le port de Doëlan est situé à Clohars-Carnoêt, en Finistère sud

#2 Laïta and Bas-Pouldu

Just a short distance from the beaches and coves of Le Pouldu, the Laïta joins the sea. Its sandbanks are revealed as the tide goes out. A tricky place for novice yachtsmen, they offer a palette of colours that enchanted the 19th-century painters who settled here. And to get the best view of the port of Bas-Pouldu and the coast, take the ferry across the river to Guidel (every day in summer and weekends in mid-season).


The Laita valley

La LaÏta se jette dans l'océan entre Le Pouldu et Guidel.

#3 Merrien

Colours you'd hardly believe, oyster beds revealed at low tide, boats resting on the water, a staircase clinging to the rock leading to a small slipway, a natural setting virtually untouched by human habitation... the Merrien ria is one of those calm, unspoilt places where you could spend hours contemplating the beauty of the panoramas.


Discover Merrien

La ria de Merrien abrite des parcs ostréicoles, en Finistère sud.

#4 Brigneau


And at the end of the road is the port of Brigneau. Small in size, big in history. Now a marina and a starting point for kayaking or paddle-boarding, Brigneau has long been a sardine fishing port. The harbour festival and the installation of the aptly-named "Penn Sardines" food truck perpetuate the tradition of this site, which has been awarded the Port of Heritage Interest label.


Le port d'intérêt patrimonial de Brigneau

Le port de Brigneau est un ancien port sardinier de Bretagne.

#5 The Bélon


A name well known to gourmets! And with good reason: the ria du Bélon lends its name to the flat oyster, part of whose production is matured here. The oyster beds can be seen at low tide, or through the translucent water from the shore! It's a feast for the eyes and nostrils... Breathe in, breathe out!


Go to the Bélon

Le port du Bélon abrite la célèbre huître plate du même nom, affinées dans cette ria de Finistère sud


Popular for their iodised flavour, Breton oysters and mussels are particularly appreciated by shellfish lovers. These dishes are synonymous with pleasure, sharing, tradition, conviviality and festivities, like the festive season or mussels and chips evenings with friends!

Whether served as an aperitif or on a seafood platter, they're always a hit!



Les coquillages de nos rias

Les coquillages font la spécificité des rias de Finistère sud

#6 Aven

A point of rock separates the Aven from its neighbour the Bélon... The same colours, the same atmosphere, the Aven is one of those rivers that must be explored from the water. By kayak or on board a speedboat, you can discover the atmosphere felt by Gauguin and the painters of the "Ecole de Pont-Aven" at the end of the 19th century. Soothing and inspiring.


Inspire by the Aven

L'Aven borde la ville de Riec-sur-Bélon et rejoint Pont-Aven en amont de l'océan
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