La plage du Kérou au pouldu dans le Finistère Sud est une plage prisée pour le surf autant que pour la baignade.
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The Finistère coast with a southern twist

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All aboard for Destination Quimperlé les rias côté mer! Whatever you're looking for, you'll find the cove, inlet or sandy beach that's perfect for your ocean adventures. Powerful, stormy or oily... It's up to you to explore the sea in all its forms by climbing the coastal path, fishing on the foreshore, sailing or rowing and taming the breakers. You can count on the professional guidance of many local clubs: all year round, they are there to guarantee 0% risk, 100% fun for all ages.

A 360° experience of the Finistère region!

#1 Le Pouldu

THE seaside resort of the Quimperlé les rias destination, Le Pouldu boasts three fine sandy beaches: Les Grands Sables, Bellangenêt and le Kérou. The coastal path runs the length of the resort, offering magnificent panoramic views over the beaches to the Laïta river. The painters of the Pont-Aven school, led by Paul Gauguin, set down their easels at the end of the 19th century and contributed to the development of the resort.


Walking around Le Pouldu

La LaÏta se jette dans l'océan entre Le Pouldu et Guidel.

#2 Kerfany-les-Pins

A sandy beach protected from the prevailing winds, a headland offering a 180° panoramic view of the sea dotted with pine trees that make it so special. Kerfany, as it is known here, is an ideal spot for families in Moëlan-sur-Mer. For those who want to see more, the summer season is the perfect time to hire a kayak, paddle or catamaran, and cruise between the ocean and the nearby rias of Bélon and Aven.


An iodine-filled stopover in Kerfany-les-Pins

Kerfany-les-Pins est une plage sur la commune de Moëlan-sur-Mer dans le Finistère Sud.

#3 Trénez 

Moëlan-sur-Mer's other, wilder beach is perfect for budding adventurers and novice anglers. The island 50 metres from the beach, known as Île Percée, is accessible at low tide. The old blockhouses that inhabit it are a good playground for climbers and snoopers.

In season, an old British double-decker bus is used as a food truck... so you can enjoy the view from the terrace!



Trenez est l'une des nombreuses plages de la destination Quimperlé les rias en Finistère Sud.

#4 Fishing on foot

The seaside often rhymes with fishing on foot. It's an activity that's really accessible to everyone, whether you're lifting small rocks in search of crabs and prawns, or scraping sand in search of clams and cockles.

All you need is a landing net or a small rake, a bucket or a basket and you're ready to go!

En Finistère Sud, sur la destination Quimperlé les rias, la pêche à pied est une activité familiale.

#5 The GR®34

If you want to get a bird's eye view of the ocean and its landscapes, the coastal path is the classic among classics! Points, coves and small ports will hold no secrets for you. In short stretches lasting just a few hours, or as an itinerant route, the GR®34 is loved by all. Around 80km of ascents and descents... you've got to earn the beautiful views!


The GR®34

La destination Quimperlé les rias profite d'une situation idéale avec la proximité du GR34.

The GR®34 from Riec-sur-Bélon to Le Pouldu...

#6 The rias

It's impossible to miss our rias. They shape the coastline from Pouldu to Riec-sur-Bélon. Discover the rias of South Finistère in every season. In spring, you can taste the shellfish raised on the spot, in summer the water sports activities are in full swing, in autumn you can stroll along the shores tinted with Canada, and in winter you can enjoy an oxygenating walk. Sport, nature, gastronomy and a feast for the eyes are all on the programme for these magnificent places!


Escape to the land of the rias

Brigneau est une ria qui cache un petit port d'intérêt patrimonial en Finistère Sud.

#7 The creeks

Looking for a quiet spot off the beaten track? The coves of Moëlan-sur-Mer and Clohars-Carnoët are home to a number of little treasures. Porsac'h, la Roche Percée, Porz-Taëg, la Plage Grise, Beg an Tour, Porsgastel, Porsguerrec. You'll be spoilt for choice for a spot of sand (or pebbles) away from the hustle and bustle of our big beaches.

La Roche Percée est une crique sur la commune de Clohars-Carnoët, en Finistère Sud.

#8 Water sports activities

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced sailor, sporty or not, find the water sports activity that's right for you. Surfing, catamaran, canoeing, kayaking, paddling, longe-côte, palm-walking... Professionals will help you have a great time on the water or just by the water. The sea will hold no more secrets for you!

La destination Quimperlé les rias, en Finistère Sud, propose un panel d'activités nautiques.
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