Les bords de Laïta se découvrent toute l'année au sud de Quimperlé
Al Laïta en diskar-amzer

The Laïta in autumn

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The Laïta valley, an air of Canada

Because I wanted to get away from it all, because there was a nice sunny interlude in the dreariness of November, because I wanted a break but I'm not (yet :D) an expert in teleportation, because I wanted wide open spaces, peace and quiet, autumn light...

An air of Canada just a hop, skip and a jump from home... Here I am, Laïta!

I chose to cross the bridge to be on the Morbihan side, to get the best view of the gateway to the Quimperlé region, and also, I admit, to walk in the sunshine as the day was already well under way...

Coming from Clohars-Carnoët on the D224, the car park is just after the bridge on the right, the starting point for this wonderful escape to discover the maritime Laïta.

Discover the Laïta valley


Discover the Laita Valley

La Laïta coule de Quimperlé jusqu'à l'océan au Pouldu et Guidel.

A calm and peaceful walk

I pass the picnic tables scattered here and there under the pines and the panorama of the river opens up before me.

Between the pines and the sheer cliffs, time seems to stand still. The meandering river plays with the rays of the bright sun, clouds of birds wait on the sandbanks, the noise of the cars has died down... Everything is calm and peaceful.

I soon reach the Beg-Nenez mill. Directly in front of me is the dyke with the pond on the left, close by on my right is the old mill and the miller's house. The mill, founded in 1770, was rebuilt in 1854. It remained in operation until 1934, after two centuries of activity and a single line of millers. Today, the first word that springs to mind when you look at this complex nestling at the end of a cove is "peace and quiet".

Baladez-vous en automne dans les chemins creux de la Destination Quimperlé les rias
  • Les bords de la Laïta cachent une faune variée comme les cormorans ou hérons.
  • Le GR34 au bords de la Laïte en Finistère Sud offre des points de vue majestueux.
  • La ria de la Laïta entre le Finistère et le Morbihan

Laïta sweets

A word of advice: if you're passing this way, stop, take your time, breathe, relax, look around - and take a pair of binoculars with you, you won't be disappointed! Egrets, grey herons, shelducks, moorhens, gulls and cormorants live happily together in the reservoir, much to our delight!

I start walking south again, and the view from the path is magnificent. I'm facing Porsmoric and its moored boats.

A paddle goes against the current, sending a swarm of seagulls into the air.

On the outskirts of Guidel-Plage, I decide to turn back. The sun is starting to set and I want to stay away from civilisation, to prolong the wildness of this escapade a little longer. So I retrace my steps, taking advantage of the twilight, which again gives a completely different atmosphere.

La Laïta offre de nombreuses balades le long du GR34 ou en boucles pédestres.

Here I am, back at the starting point after 7 km of contemplative walking, with a breath of fresh air and a head full of colour. Next time, from the same spot, I'll follow the path north to admire the superb view of Saint-Maurice Abbey from Bénoal.

The Laïta is incredible! It's almost as if I'm leaving the great outdoors of Quebec! But don't worry, there are no black bears or caribou on the horizon! And come on, for the pun and the coincidence (?), look how much it resembles the Mauricie region and its river of the same name... Saint-Maurice! Just 5000 km away...

They've even got the Diable Falls, a nod to our own rocks? But that's another story...

"What's the point of looking elsewhere? You could almost hear Line Renaud singing about her cabin in Canada...

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