La vallée de l'Isole, en Finistère Sud, est une vallée nature.
An draoñienn Izol

The Isole valley

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From the centre of Brittany to the quays of Quimperlé, the Isole flows quietly through South Finistère, except for a few rapids that disturb the calm of its waters. Between nature and heritage, the Isole valley will surprise you!

#1 The Isole

A 1st category river, the Isole is home to many species that benefit from the good quality of its waters: salmon, trout, otters, etc. With its clear waters, wooded paths and small heritage, the Isole is a must-see destination. Its waters have been used for centuries, as evidenced by the number of mills along its course, such as the Moulin Blanc in Mellac. The river rises in the Montagnes Noires in Morbihan. Its course meanders through a number of gorges in the Cascadec forest at Scaër.

La rivière de l'Isole se situe près du Moulin Blanc dans le Finistère Sud.

#2 The green lane


With its stabilised surface, gentle gradient and many sights along the way, the voie verte no. 7 is a great place to take a walk that's suitable for everyone. Whether you're a walker, a cyclist, a hiker, a horse rider or just a stroller, the voie verte is for you. It crosses the northern part of the Pays de Quimperlé, the market town of Scaër and the Coatloc'h national forest.


Browse the Green Lane

La voie verte n°7 de Concarneau à Roscoff passe par le commune de Scaër.

#3 The forest of Coatloc'h

This state-owned forest covers more than 350 hectares in the commune of Scaër, at the foot of the Montagnes Noires. A former stronghold of clog-makers and stone-cutting quarrymen, the Coatloc'h forest is home to many species of tree. A trace of this activity remains today with the reconstruction of a clog-makers' hut in the heart of the forest, close to the forest house dating from 1838. The presence of numerous beech trees and granite quarries favoured the establishment of these two activities.

Today, the forest of Coatloc'h is home to orienteering courses of varying levels, which can be the occasion for a Sunday stroll with the family or for much more sporting time trials. You can find the courses in our reception offices or on the Orienteering page of our website.


La forêt de Coatloc'h est l'une des deux forêts de la destination Quimperlé les rias en Finistère Sud.

#4 The western carnival

Join this festive family band for two unforgettable days of festivities in Scaër. In the streets of the town, the fiery music accompanies the multicoloured floats that parade during these two days of joyous hustle and bustle. Led by a team of enthusiastic volunteers, this celebration welcomes ever-growing numbers of costumed carnival-goers!


Le Carnaval à l'Ouest est le plus grand carnaval de Bretagne.

#5 The Kernault Manor

Listed as a Historic Monument and owned by the Conseil Départemental du Finistère, the Manoir de Kernault is one of the finest examples of a 15th-century Breton manor house, built in the heart of a vast agricultural estate. Its dwelling and outbuildings bear witness to the importance of their owners in the region. The 30-hectare park invites you to take a stroll and discover the hardy animals in the meadows: Ushant sheep, Scottish cows, etc.

Exhibitions, workshops, events and shows punctuate the life of this former farmhouse throughout the year.


Visit the Kernault Manor

Le Manoir de Kernault est l'un des sites du chemins du patrimoine en Finistère.
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