La voie verte n°7 de Concarneau à Roscoff passe par le commune de Scaër.
An hent glas, treiñ a ra

The green lane, A rolling business

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"Quand on partait de bon matin, quand on partait sur les chemins, à bicyclette...". This old Yves Montand song could be used to describe the green lane that crosses the town of Scaër from east to west. Very accessible, this former railway line is a link between the south and north of Finistère for those who wish to use it.

The Concarneau - Roscoff greenway

The origins of the Green Route go back to the train. This route was not always open to non-motorised traffic - quite the contrary! At the end of the 19th century, the Compagnie de l'Ouest decided to build 5 lines arranged in a star formation around the town of Carhaix. The aim was to open up Brittany and ensure that every inhabitant was less than half a day's cycle ride from a station.

Very busy in the post-war period, the lines were no longer adapted to the new trains in the 1960s. Business declined and came to a halt in 1967.

Completed in 2016, the V7 Roscoff - Concarneau greenway offers a 147km route across Finistère from north to south, with an exceptional variety of landscapes.


La voie verte n°7 passe par la commune de Scaër dans la vallée de l'Isole.

The green route


Linking the English Channel to the Atlantic, the V7 greenway crosses the Montagnes Noires and central Brittany from north to south. From port to port, the route takes you to the far reaches of Finistère. Most of the route is on greenways (94 km), with a few sections on shared lanes and small, low-traffic roads.

At Scaër, there are plenty of shady stretches as you pass through the town. As you continue in the direction of Concarneau, you pass alongside the large state forest of Coatloc'h. You'll have to take a short detour to get to the heart of the forest... but it's well worth the diversions! 


Bicycle transport


The BreizhGo network offers you the opportunity to transport your bikes using the bike racks (a service that is reinforced in summer on coaches and TER trains). This service is available on the TBK (Quimperlé Communauté) and Coralie (Concarneau Agglomération) bus networks.

Some service providers (accommodation, bike hire and/or repair, restaurants) have the Accueil Vélo label. Located less than 5 km from a cycle route, they guarantee services such as :

  • Equipment adapted to cyclists (secure bicycle shelter, repair kit, etc.);
  • A warm welcome (practical information, itineraries, etc.) ;
  • Depending on the type of establishment, provides dedicated services for travellers by bike (luggage transfer, laundry and drying, bike hire and washing, etc.).


The V7 greenway at Scaër

Scaër, the land of cycling, regularly plays host to the Tour de Bretagne cycling race. But you don't need to be a professional cyclist to ride the V7 greenway, just a bike in good working order and enough food and water to keep you going! Built on a former railway line, most of the voie verte is safe. So the whole family can set off with peace of mind!



La voie verte V7 accueille très souvent le tour de Bretagne.

Where to take the green route in Scaër?

There are 2 main departure points with car parks for the green route: the old station at Scaër and the Grand Champ (near the Kerisole campsite). With its stabilised surface, gentle gradient and many places of interest along the way, the voie verte no. 7 is a great place for a walk suitable for everyone. Whether you're a walker, a cyclist, a rambler, a horse rider or just a stroller, the voie verte is for you! It crosses the northern part of the Pays de Quimperlé, the market town of Scaër and the Coatloc'h national forest.



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Did you know?

The Greenway is not just for bikes. On rollerblades, on horseback, for people with reduced mobility or simply on foot, everyone can travel at their own pace on a greenway.

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