La destination Quimperlé les rias profite d'une situation idéale avec la proximité du GR34.

The GR®34, Start off on the right foot!

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The sea dances with every step you take along the GR®34. Between the rocks, along the beaches or creeks, in the harbours, it is central when you walk the Sentier des Douaniers. Put on your hiking boots and set off on the adventure of France's favourite GR in 2018.

#1 The GR®34, by the sea

A flight of cormorants mingling with that of seagulls, a small fisherman's boat hauling in its net, a couple shaving the rocks on their paddle, a jogger training for his next trail... Following the GR®34 is far from monotonous, and even less so at Destination Quimperlé-Les Rias! The sea is never far away.


Discover the coast

Sur la destination Quimperlé les rias, en Finistère Sud, le GR®34 couvre 80 km.

Considered to be the most seafaring of France's long-distance footpaths (GR), it runs for more than 2,000 km along the coast of Brittany. Well-known for its red and white markings, the route has the advantage of being accessible to everyone. The GR®34 offers magnificent views of the coastline, whether you're doing a short Sunday stroll over a few kilometres, a ½-day loop hike or a multi-day itinerary.

Merrien est une ria en Finistère Sud et une étape du GR34.

Created during the Revolution to monitor the coastline against smuggling, Brittany's customs trail is a legendary itinerary for backpackers. Remnants of its original function can still be seen, such as at Merrien and near Bellangenêt beach. Today, it offers an almost uninterrupted view of the sea.

La destination Quimperlé les rias est jonchée de maisons des douaniers.

#2 Touring on the GR®34

A kilometre on foot wears out your shoes, but it also revitalises you! With 80km of trails, Destination Quimperlé-Les Rias is the perfect place to recharge your batteries and get the most out of your walk. Smell the sea spray, feel the sea breeze tickling your face.

For 3-4 days, walk the GR in the direction you want. From east to west, west to east, the view is the same and the pleasures are the same! Follow the red and white signposts and let yourself be guided as you discover the heritage and natural areas of this part of South Finistère. Admire the variety of coastal landscapes with their cliffs, fine sandy beaches and above all the jewels of the region: the rias! Take a stroll through the small ports typical of Brittany. From the Aven to the Laïta, from Pont-Aven to the Carnoët forest, set off for 4 days of change of scenery and adventure... A naturally inspiring coastline!

Le GR34 s'étend sur 80 km sur la destination Quimperlé les rias


  • Topoguides are on sale at the Destination Quimperlé-Les rias information offices.
  • Good walking shoes essential.
  • Not recommended for very young children, pushchairs or people with walking difficulties.

#3 Beautiful sea views from the GR®34

"Window on the sea" could be the title of this remarkable viewpoint at Brigneau harbour. From the remains of the facade of the former Malachappe canning factory, you can admire one of the finest views of the sea in the Quimperlé - Les Rias area. The jetty, cliffs, pine trees and water as far as the eye can see make this place a living painting!


Brigneau-Merrien walk

A Moëlan-sur-Mer dans le Finistère Sud, le port de Brigneau offre une vue saisissante.

Get up high to appreciate the beauty of the area and discover a variety of landscapes, from moorland and maritime woodland to rocky cliffs. Time seems to stand still for a moment, letting you enjoy a 180° view of the sea and more! Don't forget your camera or smartphone - it would be a shame not to capture these moments...

Other majestic viewpoints are not to be missed: the mouth of the Laïta from the Mât Pilote, the Pointe de Penquernéo, the Merrien peninsula and the Pointe de Kerfany.

  • Le point de vue du Mat-Pilote se trouve dans le Finistère Sud et offre une vue sur l'île de Groix.

    Le Pouldu

  • La pointe de Penquernéo se situe à Riec-sur-Bélon.

    Penquernéo Point

  • Point de vue sur la ria de Merrien en Finistère Sud.


  • La pointe de Kerfany est l'un des points de vue de la destination en Finistère Sud.

    Kerfany Point

  • Le GR34 au bords de la Laïte en Finistère Sud offre des points de vue majestueux.

    Laïta rivers

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