La ria de Merrien est propriété du Conservatoire du Littoral

The Merrien ria, a Coastal Protection Agency

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When you set off along the narrow country roads lined with fields and small woods, there's nothing to suggest that you're coming to a place like Merrien. Whether you arrive on the right or left bank, the peace and tranquillity reign over this small ria around 2 km long.

Merrien, an unspoilt peninsula

To the east of Brigneau, via the Sentier du littoral, the ria de Merrien can be explored in its natural setting. This exceptional protected site is an ideal place for a wide range of walks and is a real treat for hikers, as well as orienteering enthusiasts, thanks to the discovery trails in the Bois de Plaçamen (available from the Tourist Office).

Le port de Merrien est un port de plaisance installé dans une ria en Finistère sud

For the best view of the ria, head towards the ocean on the right bank, where you'll also find the old customs house, known as "Maison Houard". It overlooks the sea and gave the customs officers a 180° view of the coastline. It's quite something, isn't it?

From the left bank to the right bank, take a walk in the heart of nature, in a preserved area that lives according to the tides. The Conservatoire du Littoral made it its first management site in Brittany in the 1970s, demonstrating its ecological and environmental importance.


Walks starting from Merrien

  • Le port de Merrien est un port de plaisance qui cohabite avec les activités outdoor en Finistère sud
  • La ria de Merrien se découvre toute l'année, au gré des marées
  • La ria de Merrien est située sur la commune de Moëlan-sur-Mer, dans le Finistère sud
  • Le Bois de Plaçamen est un lieu de découverte du patrimoine en famille, dans le Finistère sud

I respect the site... I limit my impact on the environment

  • I stay on the marked paths
  • I walk in the middle of the path wherever possible
  • I take all my rubbish home with me
  • I leave plants and insects in their natural environment
  • I keep a low profile to avoid scaring the animals away

Report any pollution, damage or safety problems on the trails using the Suric@te app

Flat oyster production in Merrien

Seafood lovers, who hasn't dreamt of enjoying half a dozen oysters with their feet in the water? Half a dozen, or a dozen for those with a sweet tooth! Less well-known than its Bélon neighbour, the flat oyster produced in the Merrien ria is very similar in taste.

Shellfish from our rias

Les huîtres Morvan sont affinées dans la ria de Merrien, en Finistère sud
Huîtres plates et huîtres creuses sont affinées par les Établissements Morvan, dans la ria de Merrien

To understand how this oyster is produced, all you have to do is go there at low tide. Once you've passed the harbour and the pleasure boats upstream on this small coastal river, you can see the tables containing the oyster bags, laid out on the ground. At each tide, the oyster farmers come to look after and turn over these large bags, which encourages the oysters to grow and limits the development of algae.

It's good to talk about them, but it's even better to taste them! Visit one of the 2 oyster farms to taste this very special oyster!

Merrien by the sea

Coming to Merrien means discovering crystal-clear waters, largely due to the fact that it is sheltered from the waves and prevailing winds. The water remains crystal clear for much of the year, making it an ideal spot for amateur divers. You don't need all the equipment you'd expect to find here - a mask and snorkel are all you need to explore the seabed!

To find out more, there's nothing better than a snorkelling trip with Moïse, a lifeguard. Wearing a wetsuit and flippers, come and admire the aquatic flora and fauna and discover the coastline from a different angle (from age 12).

If you don't want to get too wet, there's still kayaking to discover the whole of the ria or explore the coastline and the little creeks that surround the site. The nearby port of Brigneau can be reached in 45 minutes!



La ria de Merrien peut se découvrir à pied ou par la mer.

What we love about Merrien

  • buy and taste oysters on the banks of the ria
  • an unspoilt, peaceful and relaxing location
  • cross between the 2 banks at low tide (coefficients above 100)
  • discover the ria by sea, departing from Brigneau harbour
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