Le port de Doëlan est un des joyaux du Finistère sud

Doëlan, one of the rias' hidden treasures

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With its flower-filled shores, crystal-clear water and old rigging, welcome to a landscape worthy of a postcard. An inspiration to many artists, this iconic port in South Finistère is a great place for a coffee break or a walk.

The beauty of Doëlan harbour

En route pour Doëlan, situé sur les côtes du Finistère sud !

Pas trop vite, quand on va à Doëlan, on prend son temps… Les routes sinueuses, pour rejoindre le port, nous offrent des vues imprenables sur les hauteurs du port. 


Dès l’arrivée, on est déjà conquis. L’eau bleu glaz contraste avec les deux phares, l’un vert et l’autre rouge. Les jolies maisons blanches, quant à elles, nous donnent la touch bretonne. 

À Doëlan, on s’émerveille, chaque jour, de la palette de couleur qu’offre le petit port. Au gré des marées et de la météo, c’est alors tout un autre paysage devant nos yeux. Quelque soit le temps, Doëlan est une étape à ne pas manquer. 

Le port de Doëlan est situé à Clohars-Carnoêt, en Finistère sud

Off to Doëlan, on the coast of southern Finistère!

When you go to Doëlan, you don't go too fast, you take your time... The winding roads to the port offer breathtaking views over the heights of the harbour. As soon as you arrive, you're already won over. The glaz blue water contrasts with the two lighthouses, one green and the other red. The pretty white houses give us the Breton touch. Every day in Doëlan, we marvel at the palette of colours in the little harbour. Depending on the tides and the weather, a whole new landscape unfolds before our eyes. Whatever the weather, Doëlan is a stopover not to be missed.

Doëlan is a breathtaking sight. At the sea wall, the waves break and crash against the jetty. From the right or left bank, there are plenty of vantage points from which to admire the scenery.

The port of Doëlan is best explored on foot, as there's no better way to find the hidden corners of this ria. We recommend that you start your walk on the right bank. It offers a beautiful panorama of the mouth of the ria and an unbeatable view of the pink house. This little pink house is so named simply because its walls are painted pink, so you'll have no trouble distinguishing it. A symbol of Doëlan, because of its exceptional location and special colour, it serves as a navigational landmark.


  • Le port de Doëlan est installé dans la ria du même nom en Finistère sud
  • La digue du port de Doëlan protège les bateaux de pêche et de plaisance.
  • Doëlan est un petit port authentique de Finistère sud.
  • Depuis le port de Doëlan, partez à l'aventure de la mer, en Finistère sud.

Fishing and yachting set the pace in the small port of Doëlan

In the 19th century, the port of Doëlan was renowned for its fishing and trading activities. With its rich history, Doëlan remains one of the main fishing ports of the Destination Quimperlé les rias.

Nestling in a deep, narrow ria, the harbour is home to numerous fishing boats and pleasure craft. In the late afternoon, the harbour comes alive with the return ballet of inshore fishing boats. On the right bank, the fish market stalls fill up with the day's catch. This is your chance to buy directly from the fishermen.

Vous pouvez acheter vos poissons frais sur le port de pêche de Doëlan en Finistère sud
FOCUS - The Capitaine Cook cannery

From 1877 until 1998, there was a canning factory in the port of Doëlan. It was located on the left bank, just after the green lighthouse. Initially called "Conserverie Peyron", it changed its name to "Capitaine Cook" the year it was created. Then, in 1988, it was taken over by the Intermarché group.

At the time, it produced mainly canned tuna and mackerel. Today, the manufacturer is still present in the commune, but lives in the Kerrana industrial estate.

The former cannery site, long an industrial wasteland, is set to become an exceptional hotel site...

The island of Groix from Doëlan

Groix, an island in Morbihan off the coast of Finistère

Groix is the island in Morbihan that can be seen off our coast. More visible opposite Le Pouldu, Groix is a small part of Brittany.

9 km long and 3 km wide, the island can be explored in just one day, even by the early risers. With friends or family, explore the island by bike: one pedal and you'll have a great view!

The contrast between the west and east of the island is striking. In the west, the landscape is characterised by high cliffs, whereas in the east, the cliffs are lower and the beaches are more sheltered.

The island has a convex beach, which is almost unique in Europe! This is your chance to take a well-deserved break with your feet in the water at Plage des Grands Sables.

A day in Groix means a choice of small harbours, intimate coves or large beaches and the cheerful atmosphere of Port-Tudy. A port of arrival and departure, it's an unmissable stop-off in Groix for stocking up on local delicacies before heading back to the mainland.

L'ïle de Groix se visite au départ du port de Doëlan, en Finistère sud.

The Doëlan - Groix crossing

From April to November, the port of Doëlan is home to the Beajou, a catamaran on which you can meet the Groisillons*.

*Groisillons are the inhabitants of the island of Groix.

Halfway between a mini-cruise and a shuttle, the 60-minute crossing lets you take full advantage of a trip at sea, with the captain's expert commentary, while setting course for Groix.

A victim of its own success, during the season tickets are sold out! Don't forget to book your tickets in advance online, or drop in at one of the tourist information offices.


So, are you ready for a trip to Groix ?

Partez découvrir les rias et les îles à proximité de la Destination Quimperlé les rias.
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