Le Bélon est idéal pour la pratique du kayak ou du paddle en Finistère sud.
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The Bélon, A small name, a big reputation

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How can you enjoy the view of the Bélon without passing through the port on the right bank and tasting the flat oysters for which it is famous? A breathtaking panorama of the ria, the sea in the background and the oyster beds bathed in a mixture of sea and river water. Le Bélon really is where the sea meets the land, right down to the plate!

The port(s) of Bélon

One name, two harbours in two different communes... For the uninitiated, it's not always easy to find your way around! The Port du Bélon stretches along both the right bank, on the Riec-sur-Bélon side, and the left bank, on the Moëlan-sur-Mer side. You can buy fish directly from the fishermen on the left bank, while the other bank is devoted to the production of the Bélon flat oyster.


Linked by the River Bélon, these 2 harbours also have pleasure boating and the many boats that anchor in the middle of the waves in common. The longest ria in the region offers exceptional protection for yachtsmen and their boats. A few hundred metres away, the future great sailors start out on the water, close to the mouth of the estuary. For the little ones, the optimists and funboats take part in their first adventures. For the older ones, it's the catamarans... which rhyme with the Glénan Islands that can be seen off the coast!



Les ports de la destination Quimperlé-les rias

Les ports du Bélon se font face sur les deux rives, à Moëlan-sur-Mer et Clohars-Carnoët.

The oyster beds of Bélon

If you follow the GR®34 along the Bélon, you'll see things you'd never see otherwise. From shore to shore, port to port, it's a 20km walk. It's a hike that leads you to discover a magnificent natural area with great biodiversity. All along the trail, you can see the oyster beds at low tide. Their presence in the ria dates back to 1864, when the first oyster farm was established. This activity is part of the landscape without damaging it; on the contrary, it preserves it.


The oyster beds create a unique environment, a wonderful larder for shellfish, between salt and fresh water. Ideal conditions for maturing oysters (and mussels, for that matter)!



L'huître plate du Bélon


Les parcs ostréicoles abritent l'huître plate du Bélon, dans le Finistère sud.

Did you know ?

Very popular under the reign of Louis XV, oysters were such a success that it was almost common to eat several dozen as an appetiser before the main course!

Focus on...

Discover coastal navigation

A popular spot for all kinds of water sports, the Bélon ria is the ideal place to discover the thrills of the water. Many kayak, canoe and paddle enthusiasts have tried their hand on this 25km coastal river in south Finistère. But be sure to check the tide times to avoid strong currents, especially during high tides!

Le Domaine maritime de Beg Porz propose des stages voile au départ du Bélon pour petits et grands.
Laissez-vous inspirer par la ria du Bélon, en Finistère sud

A sensitive natural area

The wildlife that lives here is best observed at low tide! Egrets scratching in the mud, a heron waiting for its next meal with its feet in the water, fish skimming the surface of the river... The simplest way to see them is to observe them in their natural habitat. Along the coastal path or in a kayak, get as close as you can... but without disturbing them... Shhh, listen!

Further up the ria, at the edge of the maritime valley, peat bogs and wooded areas contribute to the rich biodiversity of the surrounding area. Nearly 250 species of plant live peacefully on the site. When you come in autumn, you'll be able to enjoy the magnificent spectacle offered by the many species of trees, which offer extraordinary colours, a mixture of reds, oranges and greens... a little bit of Canada in South Finistère!


Le Bélon est à découvrir toute l'année au fil des saisons en Finistère sud

What we love about Bélon

  • Tasting flat oysters by the ria
  • The Pointes de Kerfany and Penquernéo and their magnificent panoramas
  • The nature walk at the end of the ria
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