La destination Quimperlé les rias possède de nombreux spots pour la pêche à pied.
Pesketa war droad e-pad ar morad bras

Fishing on foot at high tide

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I'm a leisure activity that's accessible to all, fun and friendly, I combine business with pleasure, I'm free, I delight young and old... I'm ??? Fishing on foot!

102, 108, 120...

Ahhh the high tidal coefficients... promising some great moments on the foreshore and in front of the plate!

The pleasure of fishing... The pleasure of eating!

Today Thursday 04 November, low water at 9.52 am, coefficient 98...

The weather was fine and the sea beautiful, so I invited a few of my fishing friends along too... And off we went!

You can be there a good hour earlier, or even earlier, when the tide is still out.

La pêche à pied est accessible à tous en Finistère sud.
Low tide
High seas
Low tide
High seas
Low tide
Mon 17 Jun
01:49 High seas Coef.: 42
08:09 Low tide
14:25 High seas Coef.: 45
20:27 Low tide
Tue 18 Jun
02:43 High seas Coef.: 48
08:57 Low tide
15:10 High seas Coef.: 51
21:15 Low tide
Wed 19 Jun
03:30 High seas Coef.: 55
09:41 Low tide
15:51 High seas Coef.: 59
21:59 Low tide
Thu 20 Jun
04:13 High seas Coef.: 62
10:22 Low tide
16:30 High seas Coef.: 66
22:42 Low tide
Fri 21 Jun
04:54 High seas Coef.: 69
11:03 Low tide
17:09 High seas Coef.: 72
23:26 Low tide
Sat 22 Jun
05:35 High seas Coef.: 74
11:44 Low tide
17:49 High seas Coef.: 76
Sun 23 Jun
00:09 Low tide
06:16 High seas Coef.: 78
12:26 Low tide
18:32 High seas Coef.: 80

A word of advice: always have the right tools at hand!

Imagine going cockle fishing... and no cockles... but lots of prawns!  Without a net, it's going to be complicated! It's a true story!

From now on, I'll be carrying all my gear with me, including :

A pair of boots, an openwork fishing basket to sling over your shoulder (for prawns, mussels, periwinkles...), a steel shell basket (for oysters), a claw (for cockles or clams), a plaice or a net (for prawns and crabs), and an ice axe (to pick up oysters).

Oh, I forgot the most important thing! The oyster knife so you can enjoy them right there in front of the sea (and even open one or two to bait the prawns) and why not a little white wine* to share to make the whole thing even better!

For cockles and clams, you scrape the fine sand with your claw (or fingers!), for oysters, you pick them off the rocks with an ice axe, while mussels are picked off by hand; for prawns and crabs, you use a plaice or a net in the water holes, and finally for periwinkles, you look under the seaweed on the rocks.

Les enfants aiment crapahuter entre les rochers de nos plages.
La pêche à pied se fait tout le long de la côte en Finistère sud
Goûtez vos coquillages directement pêchés dans les rochers de Finistère sud.

While I head off towards the rocks in the distance in search of oysters, Anouk is already busy fishing for prawns around the waterholes. Laurent has gone to the other side to look for cockles on the sandy section, while Marianne is looking under the seaweed for her favourite sin: periwinkles!

An hour and a half later, the tide starts to come in, everyone heads back up to the rocks a little higher up and everyone has their say! There weren't many cockles this time, so Laurent fell back on oysters, while Anouk and Marianne were already thinking about tonight's feast, and as for me, oops! I've already started the festivities by eating a few oysters in the morning...

Pêchez à pied dans nos rias de Finistère sud.

Have you noticed... I've been very evasive about where I am...

Ahh it's like mushrooms, you can't tell... But since I'm being nice, I'll give you a hint about my favourite place...

It is located in the commune of Moëlan-sur-Mer, in a certain cove...

Be a good sport! Keep looking! 😀


And if you're a bit jealous? I don't blame you...!

Don't worry, the high tides only last a few days!

See you tomorrow on the foreshore!

To remember:

Responsible fishing: respect the size of the species. You can buy fishing rulers at the Tourist Office to make sure you don't make a mistake (retail price: €4).

Each rock is put back into place

You only catch as much as you're going to eat

Respect the tide times, don't be reckless



La pêche à pied se fait toute l'année en Finistère sud.
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