Testez-vous sur le trail en forêt ou sur le GR34, dans le Pays de Quimperlé.
5 lec’h trail gwellañ al Lec’h

Top 5 trail spots

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It's time for spring! Beautiful days, sunshine, and a body that just wants to get back into shape! So take a deep breath, put on your favourite trainers and set off in short strides...

Following the storm Ciaran which hit on 1 and 2 November, many of the paths in Destination Quimperlé les rias have not yet been cleared. Every week, the Tourist Office compiles information on which paths are open to the public and which are not. For this information, please contact us on 02 98 39 67 28 or visit our information offices.

#1 The GR®34, the trail spot that needs no introduction

Up and down, the sea views are breathtaking: coves, cliffs, beaches, undergrowth... The proximity of the sea always brings a fresh maritime air. It smells of sea spray... of holidays...

83 km of playground between Rosbraz in the commune of Riec-sur-Bélon and Quimperlé, 4 communes crossed, that's all there is to it! In linear mode or in loops (17 spread along the seafront), you're bound to find something to let off steam all year round!

 We love: the sea views and the fun stops along the way.


Le port de Brigneau est un havre de paix. Il est parcouru par le GR®34 dans le Finistère sud.

#2 Carnoët, for a trail in the forest between Quimperlé and Clohars-Carnoët

This 750-hectare forest area, managed by the ONF, offers everything a runner could hope for: undergrowth, the Laïta river, streams, ponds, ruins, paths and gradients.


We love: the peacefulness of the area, the coolness in summer and the fact that there is no hunting on Sundays and public holidays.


La forêt de Carnoët, également appelée forêt de Toulfoën, est l'une des forêts située sur la destination dans le Finistère Sud.

#3 The Forêt de Coatloc'h in Scaër, for a quiet trail run

Smaller than the forest of CarnOêt (or Toulfoën) with its 350 hectares, it is not to be outdone with its forests, clearings, its feudal mound, its Ster Goz river and its countless paths... Here too, the gradients are good +/-.


We love: the Ster Goz river and the no-hunting zone on Sundays and public holidays.


La forêt de Coatloc'h se situe sur la commune de Scaër.

#4 The Manoir de Kernault park in Mellac, ideal for a family trail run

Manoir de Kernault is a 30-hectare farm dating back to the Middle Ages that can be explored at any time of year: its woods, orchards, meadows and animals (Irish cows and Ouessant sheep)...

The little extra: Children can follow on their bikes in complete safety.

We love: Its magnificent orchards and woodland made up of centuries-old trees (oak, beech and chestnut).


On aime : Ses magnifiques vergers et son bois fait de vieilles essences séculaires (chênes, hêtres, châtaigniers).


Le parc du Manoir de Kernault est l'occasion de balades en famille, dans le Pays de Quimperlé.

#5 The Moulin du Roch site in Arzano, for a riverside trail

The mill site and its paths on either side of the Scorff form a natural border between Morbihan and Finistère. Beautiful views, good gradients, undergrowth and heritage: another great playground to explore in short strides.


We love: the immediate proximity of the river and the beauty of the Scorff Valley.


Le Moulin du Roch est situé sur le Scorff, entre Finistère sud et Morbihan
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