La forêt de Coatloc'h est l'une des forêts domaniales de la destination Quimperlé les rias.
Koad Koadloc’h, war roudoù ar votaouerien-koad

The forest of Coatloc'h, in the footsteps of the clog-makers

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This forest seems to come straight out of the legends we know so well in Brittany... And with good reason, its soothing nature invites you to listen to the place in a different way, and perhaps hear things you wouldn't hear elsewhere! This state-owned forest covers more than 350 hectares in the commune of Scaër, at the foot of the Montagnes Noires.

The clog as emblem


Tac-tac-tac... a noise repeats itself among the trees that are more than a hundred years old. It's just a woodpecker, but you can almost hear the sound of the forest workers who lived here over a century ago.

A former stronghold of clog-makers and stone-cutters, the Coatloc'h forest is home to many species of tree. A trace of this activity remains today with the reconstruction of a clog-makers' hut in the heart of the forest, close to the forest house dating from 1838. The presence of numerous beech trees and granite quarries favoured the establishment of these two activities.

A place steeped in history, as evidenced by the presence of a feudal motte, the site is also renowned for its many legends. From the arrival of Nominoë, the first king of Brittany, to that of Duchess Anne, there are many stories to tell about this forest.


En Finistère Sud, la forêt de Coatloc'h se situe dans la vallée de l'Isole

A walk in the forest of Coatloc'h...

A green paradise


Criss-crossed by signposted footpaths, the forest of Coatloc'h is an unspoilt place, where only the sound of birds and our footsteps on the ground break the silence that reigns there. Managed by the ONF (Office National des Forêts), the forest is a haven of peace for many species of birds. Birdwatchers beware!

A colony of bats has taken up residence in the ranger's house. But leave them alone, they're a protected species!


La forêt de Coatloc'h est une forêt verdoyante en Finistère Sud.

The forest in autumn...


Autumn is the best time of year to take a walk in the forest. The still-warm soil at the end of summer and the ambient humidity are ideal conditions for the proliferation of autumn's star product: mushrooms.

A pair of boots, a basket and you're all set! Dare to leave the paths, enter under the foliage, let the calmness of the surroundings take over you, smell the scent of the undergrowth, tread the first golden leaves with your feet.


Sport in the forest

There are those who take their time and those who make up for lost time... The Coatloc'h forest offers numerous trails for trail running. A number of hiking trails run through the forest, as does a stage of the Chemin de Saint-Jacques from Pointe-Saint-Mathieu.

The forest is also home to orienteering courses of varying levels, which can provide the perfect opportunity for a Sunday stroll with the family or a more challenging time trial. The forest is accessible by car thanks to numerous car parks, and can also be reached by bike via the Concarneau-Roscoff Voie Verte, which runs along its northern edge.


  • La forêt de Coatloc'h offre de nombreux circuits d'orientation en Finistère Sud.
  • La course d'orientation peut se pratiquer dans les forêts de la destination Quimperlé les rias en Finistère Sud.
  • La forêt de Coatloc'h se situe sur la commune de Scaër.
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