La plage de Kerfany est une plage familiale à deux pas de la ria du Bélon
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The must-sees in Quimperlé les rias!

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Quimperlé - Les Rias has always been an inspiring destination. Radiant nature intertwines with culture and heritage to create experiences that make sense. This harmony is lived, told, shared and spread.




Travelling is all about letting yourself be guided by your desires, listening to your heart and opening yourself up to new possibilities. Some people need landmarks, while others want to move forward in stages. Think of this TOP 10 of Destination Quimperlé les rias as the red thread of a beautiful, gentle journey. Choose to discover all these nuggets or let them reveal themselves to you naturally as you explore.
The freedom to decide is also what holidays are all about.

#1 The port of Doëlan

A maritime nugget

Welcome to a life-size postcard.
Fishing boats and pleasure craft, adorable little white houses, a lighthouse, little paths... You go from one shore to the other to feast your eyes.
Here, the sea, over there, the ria. A gentle maritime interlude.


Le port de Doëlan est situé sur la commune de Clohars-Carnoët, dans le Finistère sud

#2 Les rias

The little Breton fjords

A bit of wandering around will reveal other hidden ports! Le Bélon, Rosbras, Brigneau, Merrien... these are just some of the names that tell tales of the rias. This little-known term refers to the rivers where freshwater and seawater mix according to the tides. It may come as a surprise at first, but this waltz between low and high tides makes the landscapes different and unique.
Following the GR®34 on foot, in a kayak hired nearby or on a guided cruise, the rias of South Finistère offer a variety of "naturally inspiring" panoramas.


La ria de l'Aven borde la commune de Riec-sur-Bélon dans le Finistère sud

#3 Quimperlé

A cultural stopover


You've got to earn your way to Quimperlé! Quimperlé, a town over a thousand years old, isn't something you discover at first glance - you have to look for the little nooks and crannies that make it so beautiful. An 11th-century abbey church, old 15th-century houses, a medieval bridge... the town of Quimperlé boasts architectural treasures of great historical value. Quimperlé is also a vibrant cultural centre in its own right!


La ville de Quimperlé est une ville de Bretagne chargée d'histoire.

#4 The Ellé and Isole rivers

In the wild

Let yourself go with the flow, along the rivers that flow through Destination Quimperlé - Les rias. Like attracts like! The Ellé and the Isole, both wild and gentle, live up to this adage. To refresh your feet or catch your first salmon, discover the many little nooks and crannies along these two rivers as you wander.

L'Ellé est une rivière de 1ère catégorie, réputée pour ses truites et saumons en Finistère sud

#5 The GR®34

Starting off on the right foot

A legendary long-distance hiking trail, with exceptional landscapes and remarkable viewpoints! There's no shortage of adjectives to describe the GR®34, whose route takes in the whole of Brittany's coastline. Doing the GR in the Pays de Quimperlé is the ideal way to discover the atmosphere of the rias, bypassing these rivers where the tide does its work. Small ports, coves, sandy beaches and riversides are all on the menu.
The GR®34 is a must-do route at least once in your life!


Le GR34 emprunte l'ancien sentier des douaniers en Bretagne.

The best panoramas

  • Les Roches du Diable offrent de belles vues sur la rivière Ellé
  • La presqu'île de Merrien, un endroit préservé et naturel en Finistère sud
  • La plage de Bellangenêt se situe au Pouldu, en Finistère sud
  • La pointe de Kerfany offre un panorama époustouflant sur la côte et l'océan
  • Le site de Saint-Maurice en bord de Laïta, dans le Finistère sud.

#6 The green cycling route

Feel the wind on your face, trees as far as the eye can see along an old railway line with its tracks removed... You're definitely on the Voie Verte V7 linking Concarneau to Roscoff! The route is easy for children, and there's no need for a map - it's all straight ahead!

La voie verte relie Concarneau à Roscoff, dans le Finistère

#7 Activities by the sea

Fun and adventure

You can do it all at the seaside! Stroll along the beach in all seasons, build sandcastles and swim in fine weather, surf in the waves, paddle between the rocks or take part in regattas further out to sea... Whether you're a beginner or an experienced sailor, a sportsman or not, access to the sea is easy here, protected from westerly winds and offshore currents.
The clear waters, colours and contrasts of blue are also a great source of inspiration, inviting you to explore the coast and enjoy the mild climate of South Finistère.


La base nautique de Clohars-Carnoët propose des stages et sorties voiles toute l'année.

#8 Painters in Pouldu

In every colour

An open-air painting... Landscapes with changing light at every moment of the day, contrasting rias with the tides, cliffs and typical little ports... It doesn't take much to inspire the painter in you! The painters of the famous "École de Pont-Aven" made no mistake. Gauguin, Sérusier, Meyer de Haan and then Filiger settled here in 1889, inspired by the Pouldu and its inhabitants.
The old "beach bar", now restored as the Maison-Musée Gauguin, tells this story and plunges you into the life of the painters and the people of the time.


Le Chemin des Peintres emprunte une partie du GR34, à CLohars-Carnoët.

#9 Shellfish farming

"Merroir" and know-how

Delicate flavours and unbeatable taste. When you come to South Finistère, you'll also be able to enjoy seafood. Oysters and mussels are matured in our clear-water rias, a mixture of fresh and salt water. Just like vineyards and their "grands crus", where the term "terroir" is used, the location of the cultivation areas gives them their own signature. This is known as "merroir"! Enjoy your meal by the sea or in one of the region's fine restaurants!


Dégustez les huîtres plates au port du Bélon.

#10 The Festival des Rias

To the end of our dreams

The Rias festival is a madness, but an organised madness! With street theatre in ten or so towns and around sixty performances, this original contemporary festival makes the most of the region and the venues, which change every year. Conceived as a voyage along the river, the festival offers shows where reverie sweeps everything in its path! Fanfare, zany theatre, circus, musicals... Les Rias is a wide range of creations that speak to everyone!


Le Festival de théâtre de rue Les Rias se tient dans tous le Pays de Quimperlé, en Finistère sud.

#11 Le Bretagne Ultra Trail

From climbs to descents, the demanding course of the Bretagne Ultra Trail (BUT) is the stuff of dreams for great athletes. Starting in the middle of nowhere in Central Brittany and finishing at the port of Doëlan, this trail attracts over 1,200 participants each year. Perhaps one of the best ways to explore the Quimperlé-Les rias destination, even if looking at the scenery isn't a priority for the athletes!


Testez-vous sur le trail en forêt ou sur le GR34, dans le Pays de Quimperlé.
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