La ria de Brigneau est la plus petite ria de la Destination Quimperlé les rias, en Finistère sud

Brigneau, Heritage interest

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A stroll along the quays of the little port of Brigneau is well worth it! The little road and its many twists and turns lead you to a little jewel in the crown of Destination Quimperlé-Les Rias. Arriving at the end of the ria with its boat cemetery adds a little more charm to the place.

A small Breton port with 5 senses

When you arrive on the quays of Brigneau harbour, your 5 senses are put to the test. It starts with the smell of sardines. Not from the food truck on the waterfront, but from the fish that were dumped on the quays in the middle of the 20th century. You could almost hear the sound of the shipyards and the sailors on the quays unloading their crates of fish. Or the hundreds of women working in the many canneries based in the port.

To look at the colour of this water, which here we call 'glaz', a shade close to duck blue, is to look at Brittany. The infinite mixtures of blues and greens that characterise this region.


Le GR34

Le port de Brigneau est caractérisé par la couleur glaz de ses eaux.

A major sardine port in Brittany

When you walk along the quays or jetty of Brigneau harbour today, it's hard to imagine the activity that prevailed there 50 years ago! In 1963, the port of Brigneau was home to almost 40 fishing boats supplying 3 canning factories. 5 years later, the last cannery closed at Malachappe, just a stone's throw from the port. Today, the Malachappe site is owned by the Conservatoire du Littoral, and can be accessed from the quay via the "sentier des sabots" (clog path), which follows part of the GR®34. Along the way, you'll find the old Bacon inn. Painters such as Émile Jourdan, Pierre Asselin and Henry Moret have visited here. So have writers Pierre Mac Orlan, Charles Le Quintrec and Xavier Grall.

All that remains is the façade, with its windows and doorway: an inspiring place for photographers and painters!

Recognition of this maritime heritage is reflected in the site's designation as a "Port of Heritage Interest" since 2016.


La façade de l'ancienne conserverie de sardines de Malachappe domine le port de Brigneau, dans le Finistère sud
Le port de Brigneau est situé en Finistère sud, sur la commune de Moëlan-sur-Mer
Le port de Brigneau est protégé par la digue et sa balise rouge.

The port of Brigneau is booming

Since 2014, the harbour festival has been revived under the name of "Digue en fête". The arrival of the old sailing ships, always a popular moment with the public, the stalls selling local crafts and know-how and the exhibitions make this festival a not-to-be-missed event of the summer! Fest-noz and sea chanteys punctuate the day with a sea theme.

Set up on the quayside, the food-truck "Les Penn-sardines" is a reminder of Brigneau's fishing port past. From June to September, enjoy a terrace on the quayside at lunchtime or in the evening with one of the best views of the port, while tasting grilled sardines or fish rillettes.


Dégustez votre sardines grillée directement sur les quais du port de Brigneau.

For the more sporty, set off on an adventure along the coast and the Merrien ria from Brigneau harbour. Hire a single or double kayak from Steren-ar-Mor and glide along the cliffs of Moëlan-sur-Mer. You'll need 3 hours to make the round trip between the two rias.


What we love about Brigneau

  • Climb up to the Malachappe façade along the Sentier des petits sabots (little clogs path)
  • Penn Sardines
  • Kayak trip
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