La rivière de l'Isole se trouve dans le Finistère Sud sur la Destination Quimperlé les rias.
Ar stêr Izol

The Isole

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Dragonflies frolicking on the surface of the water, the rustle of tree leaves above your head, the flow of water over natural dams... You can't go wrong, you're standing on the banks of the Isole! Carved out of a small, deep valley, the river is of exceptional ecological and historical interest!

The Isole, a river of clear, high-quality water


Don't make a sound! Observe the banks of the river silently, and you might just spot a family of otters splashing about in the river! Long hunted for its fur and meat, the European otter has returned to the river and has gradually recolonised the Isole. It likes to come and rinse its coat to keep it waterproof. An excellent swimmer, the adult otter takes advantage of the river to hunt fish, frogs, small mammals and birds. It is a very good indicator of water quality.

Unlike its sister river, the Ellé, the Isole has very clear waters. It rises in the Montagnes Noires in Morbihan. Its course meanders, surrounded by numerous areas of peat bogs and meadows, until it reaches the deep gorges of the Cascadec forest at Scaër.


La vallée de l'Isole est un véritable have de paix en Finistère Sud.

To cool off a bit, what better place than the Troysol meadow. Bordered by trees, this natural amphitheatre is an enchanting place to swim, have fun, picnic... or all 3 at the same time! And if you haven't got a bite to eat, the Guinguette de Troysol is there for you: aperitif platters, sandwiches, ice creams, drinks... and nothing but local produce!

Le Moulin Blanc, a haven of peace


Meet at the Moulin Blanc in Mellac, on the banks of the river Isole. This 16th-century mill, which remained in operation until the mid-20th century, has been restored and put back into working order thanks to the Friends of the Moulin-Blanc association. Now an exhibition space, it's also a great place to stroll and relax by the river. Removable benches and tables are available for picnics. Interpretation boards on the local flora and fauna have been installed. Wildlife and landscape studies are regularly carried out on site. The Moulin Blanc is an exceptional site for a walk, a picnic or just to cool off in complete tranquillity!

Le Moulin Blanc en Sud Finistère dans la vallée de l'Isole est un petit havre de paix.

A paradise for fishermen


The Isole is a 1ère category river that is very popular with fly fishermen, who make it their paradise. Good river management in southern Brittany guarantees anglers 100% wild trout. Whether you're just starting out or are a beginner, the Isole is sure to provide you with some great catches.

This fast-flowing river, which is several metres wide in some stretches and shallow in others, is home to numerous spawning grounds for sea lampreys, eels and Atlantic salmon! Its waters are also sought after for their tranquillity and the high quality of the fish caught. To comply with the regulations, you can buy your fishing licence at the Tourist Information Office.


L'Isole est une rivière de Finistère Sud très appréciée pour la pêche.

Did you know?

A spawning ground is a place where females lay their eggs so that the males can cover them with seed. They are essential to the good ecological status of rivers and catchment areas.

A historic economic valley


Its waters have been used for centuries, as evidenced by the number of mills along its course, including the Moulin de Kernault, Moulin de Kerchuz, Moulin Neuf and Moulin Richet. Water is both the energy of the mill and the chemistry of the paper. Carried through the millstream, a narrow wooden or metal channel, it flows "under" the wheel, pushing its blades (wooden paddles) and turning it.

It was used until the XIXe century, when the Kraft process and the paper machine accelerated the disappearance of most mills of this type. Other industrial activities replaced these paper mills, such as the Papeteries de Cascadec and Mauduit. These mills still use water from the River Isole to produce their paper.


Le Moulin Blanc se situe près de l'Isole dans le Finistère Sud.

Papeteries Mauduit, a Quimperlé success story


This paper mill, whose history goes back more than 2 centuries, is a major witness to the industrial history and architecture of Quimperlé. Built on the site of the old Kerisole paper mill, this small-scale establishment that became a multinational company is one of Finistère's most emblematic industrial heritage sites. It employed entire Quimper families! Since 1995, the industrial complex, entirely rebuilt in the modern era, has occupied an 80-hectare site. The Mauduit paper mills now belong to the American group Schweitzer-Mauduit International (SWM), the world leader in cigarette paper. The company has 1,000 employees.

Les Papeteries de Mauduit est une usine proche de l'Isole, rivière en Sud Finsitère.
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