La forêt de Carnoët est une forêt domaniale de 760 ha située en Finistère sud.
Koad Karnoed, etre kêr ha mor

The forest of Carnoët

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Treat yourself to a complete regeneration session in this state-owned forest. The hundred-year-old trees, the castle ruins and its location on the banks of the Laïta make this thousand-year-old forest an unrivalled place to relax.

Forest walks just outside Quimperlé

Also known as the Toulfoën forest, the Carnoët forest covers an area of 750 ha. This former ducal, then royal forest is home to many species of trees and a rich heritage. Its location on the banks of the Laïta makes it an ideal spot for nature walks. Inhabited since prehistoric times, the site has been the scene of a turbulent history, as evidenced today by the ruins of the former residence of the Dukes of Brittany.  To the south of the forest is the site of the former abbey of Saint-Maurice, which is open to visitors and offers exhibitions and events during the summer.

Découvrez la Destination Quimperlé les rias sans voiture grâce aux nombreux circuits de randonnées et le GR34.

Nature in the forest

Would you like to slow down and live in the moment? The air in the forest is a balm for your respiratory tract, the oxygen in the heart of the forest stimulates the body and mind, and a walk in the forest is as effective as a jog.

The calm of the forest is also relaxing for the brain and the eyes. Listen to the little birds, the wind in the treetops or the water in the streams that flow through the forest... it's priceless!

The bottom line: time spent walking in the forest is good for your health and makes you more productive.

Perhaps you'll go so far as to take a forest bath? Accompanied by a professional or on your own, lean back against the trunks of the trees and try to connect with nature... it'll do you a world of good!


The 5 commandments of nature walks
  • Find out all you can about the forest (size, routes, hunting days, etc.)
  • Leave your smartphone switched off when you're out and about
  • Be well prepared for the length of your walk (water, food, clothes)

    Take a stroll and let yourself go with the wind

  • Respect the natural world around you
Prenez le temps en forêt de Carnoët, dans le Finistère sud.

Orienteering in the forest

What is orienteering?

Orienteering is an outdoor activity accessible to all levels of ability. Running or walking, at your own pace or in competition mode, choose your route and discover all the markers along the way. These markers are numbered wooden posts marked with a punch.
In the Carnoët forest, 12 orienteering courses are available. From beginners to experts, there's something for everyone, so you can (re)discover this forest from a whole new angle!


La course d'orientation peut se pratiquer dans les forêts de la destination Quimperlé les rias en Finistère Sud.
Focus on... Carnoët Castle

The ruins of Carnoët castle, which is said to have been home to Conomor, a sort of Breton Bluebeard, are the stuff of legend. In fact, this ancient fortress overlooking the River Laïta was razed to the ground by the Normans in the 9th century. It became a ducal residence and was inhabited by several successive Dukes of Brittany. It was destroyed during the War of the Breton Succession.

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