Le cidre est un des produits phare de la Destination Quimperlé les rias, en Finistère sud.
En diskar-amzer war an aberioù : mare an avaloù

Autumn on the rias: apple season

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Between rias and forests, between terroir and know-how, discover Breton cider at Destination Quimperlé les rias. A true emblematic product of Brittany, Breton cider is a traditional product that has stood the test of time while retaining its authenticity. Our Breton cider houses open their doors to you and reveal the secrets of how this local drink is made.

Working the apple

It's from late September to mid-December that the orchard soils take on their colour and growers harvest their cider apples. The cider apples are picked when they have reached maturity and once they have fallen to the ground.

From harvesting to pressing, from fermentation in vats to bottling, each stage is a sensory adventure that reveals the secrets of this ancestral drink.

La récolte des pommes à cidre a lieu de fin septembre à mi-décembre.

Visits and tastings in Destination Quimperlé les rias

Treat your taste buds to a tasting session with our Breton producers. Breton cider comes in a range of flavours, from fruity sweetness to subtle bitterness, to suit all palates.

Cidrerie de l'Apothicaire in Clohars-Carnoët

Located in the heart of a region renowned for the prestige of its cider, the Cidrerie de l'Apothicaire uses traditional varieties of apples from small local orchards.

Local ciders, apple juices, brandies and cider vinegars are made using the traditional methods that have made Clohars-Carnoët cider famous.

The Cidrerie de l'Apothicaire offers free guided tours and tastings from April to September.


Discover the Cidrerie de l'Apothicaire

Visitez la Cidrerie de l'Apothicaire à Clohars-Carnoët.

Cidrerie Des Bouteilles à l’Amère in Clohars-Carnoët

Between the small port of Doëlan and Le Pouldu, Marc Frocrain and Isabelle Richard have been passionately working with cider apples since late 2014. This farming couple "fell into apples" somewhat by chance, after falling in love with the tradition that keeps Breton cider alive.

This family-run micro-cider maker hand-picks apples from their orchards in the communes of Clohars-Carnoët and Quimperlé.

Discover the secrets behind the production of their ciders, juices, brandies, aperitifs, vinegars and other delicacies all year round during visits and tasting workshops.


Discover the Cidrerie des Bouteilles à l'Amère

Découvrez la route du cidre en Cornouaille et dans la Destination Quimperlé les rias

Cidrerie Au Pressoir du Bélon

Since 1995, this family-run cider mill has been producing around fifty varieties of old-fashioned cider apples. The apples are harvested from 8 hectares of organically farmed orchards in the commune of Riec-sur-Bélon.

The Goalabré family's expertise and the quality of their products are based on a family heritage that Gilles and Annie hold dear to their hearts.

Le Pressoir du Bélon cider has the Cornouaille PDO label, and is available in Brut, Demi-sec, Blanc and Poiré.

Come and buy and taste these products all year round.


Discover the Cidrerie au Pressoir du Bélon

Visitez la Cidrerie Goalabré

Tasting cider

Breton cider goes perfectly with other Breton specialities... Seafood, sweet and savoury crêpes, salted butter caramel and apples all go very well with this drink. And for an aperitif, there's nothing better than a good old Breton kir! Yec'hed mat, cheers!


Where can you find Cornouaille ciders ?

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Cidre AOP de Cornouaille

The Cornouaille AOP cider is the only one of all Breton ciders to benefit from a protected designation of origin. Produced between land and sea, Cornouaille AOP cider bubbles contain all the character of South Finistère: the fieriness of its coastline, the beauty of its rias, the calm of its sheltered harbours, the richness of its history, the magic of its myths... Yes, there's a little of all that in Cornouaille AOP cider. A prize-winner at regional fairs and the Salon de l'Agriculture, Cornouaille AOP cider is appreciated for the simplicity and authenticity with which it accompanies the local andouille sausage produced in Baye. Cider goes with everything: wheat or buckwheat pancakes, fish, shellfish and crustaceans. Not forgetting, of course, our region's flagship desserts: kouign amann, far and gâteau breton.


Discover the Route du Cidre en Cornouaille

La Route du Cidre de Cornouaille permet de découvrir les meilleures cidreries de Finistère Sud.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Drink in moderation.

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