Les sports d'hiver à Quimperlé les rias
Prouit ar sportoù goañv e Kemperle en aberioù

Try your hand at winter sports at Quimperlé les rias

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If winter sports usually conjure up images of snow-capped mountains, our corner of paradise in South Finistère offers an equally captivating experience! We invite you to discover the 5 winter sports you can enjoy in the Quimperlé region, in the heart of Brittany's nature, where the diversity of the Breton landscape meets the adrenalin of winter sports.

The trail

Between the forest and the ocean, the Quimperlé region offers a wide range of possibilities! Head for the footpaths, hedgerows, sunken lanes and villages in the undergrowth to take in the sights. The diversity of our routes means that beginners and experienced runners alike will find something to suit them, each at their own pace.

« Destination Quimperlé les rias is a land of revival (for those who know the jargon!), here the trail circuits are iodised, wooded and undulating »

— Anthony

Trail running, a natural activity

Whatever the season, trail running is the perfect way to get in touch with nature and the elements, to feel and smell the flora and fauna... But be warned: you may still be exposed to a light shower! Make sure you bring a waterproof jacket...

Our advice: Take a suitable pair of trainers, start with a good warm-up, take it one step at a time, and enjoy!

What we like: The winter scenery, the heavy weather and the seaside swell, the paths that aren't too busy, the fresh air and the fire in your cheeks when you get home, full and happy!

Who do you contact? Download the Rando Bretagne Sud app to go where you want, when you want!

Top 5 trail spots in the Destination

Trail en hiver au bord de la Laïta à Clohars-Carnoët

Coastal lunging

We put on our penguin suits, from head to toe and hands in between! There's no sensation of cold, just a pleasant sensation of freshness, a session of stretching and off you go into the water! You rely on the power of the water to work all the muscles in your body, and finish off with yoga postures to align your body and mind, all facing the sea - a wonderful break from everyday life!

« I love exercising gently, facing the horizon and sharing with others! It gives me a feeling of freedom. »

— Lisa-Marie

Our advice: Bring a quick change of clothes, warm up with a good plaid or poncho and keep hydrated (so you don't get achy!).

We like: The "I'm swimming in the middle of January, in a suit but I'm swimming!" aspect, a bubble of oxygen to give yourself to try just once or on a regular weekly basis!

Who do we contact? Moïse

Marche aquatique, plage des Grands Sables avec Moïse

Canoeing and kayaking

When it comes to rivers, it's time to relax and unwind aboard your own pier!

Solo, with friends or family, all you need is a good pair of paddles to meander through our rias... From the Aven to the Laïta, via the Bélon, let yourself be carried away by the tranquillity of winter. Like majestic swans, the trail of your passage will be traced on the surface of the water...

« Calm, gentle, flowing... everything you need to feel at one with nature. »

— Isabelle

Our advice: Choose your itinerary well in advance to avoid being trapped by the currents, and remember to bring all your gear: wetsuit, booties, neoprene gloves and the icing on the cake: a hat.

What we like: The softness of gliding over the cool water, the thick mist that covers the water and rises as the sun rises, the feeling of being alone with nature.

Who do we contact? Our partners offer canoe and kayak rental: Steren ar Mor, Beg Porz, Ty Nadan, CKCQ, Base Nautique du Pouldu, Kerkayak

Kayak sur l'Aven, dans l'anse de Trémor à Riec-sur-Bélon

Rafting (Yes, yes! It exists here too!)

And it's great fun!

La river Ellé has not finished enchanting us! It's overflowing with resources, and rafting is one of them. You should only try it in winter and early spring, as this is the time of year when the river's flow is at its strongest - perfect for rafting! There are three possible routes: Haut-Ellé, Moyen-Ellé and Bas-Ellé.

« I love the adrenalin! And that's exactly what I felt when I took off from the rocky chaos and went through the rapids! It's an unusual and sensational activity, and it's great to be able to do it in the Quimperlé area in winter! »

— Lauriane

Our advice: Listen to the instructor, let yourself go and, above all, make the most of the moment!

What we like: The idea of trying out a sport not often practised in Brittany, the crazy challenge of saying "it's freezing, we're going to get wet but we're going to do it, it's so much fun", and the must-have: passing the Roches du Diable (Devil's Rocks), bearing in mind that the river Ellé takes its name from Ellez, which means hell in Breton, so you can imagine! Brr...!

Who do we contact? Les Exploriders

Rafting sur l'Ellé

A classic here! Surfing is king, whatever the season!

Whether you're self-sufficient with board and wetsuit hire, or supervised with a group or individual lesson, there's sure to be a package to suit you! Whether you're a novice or an expert, come and tame the waves at Kerou, the place to be for surfing!

Our advice: Check with surf schools to find out when to take on the waves, depending on your level!

What we like: The challenge of a water sport in winter, the feeling of freedom that comes with the pleasure of surfing, and the feeling of having the sea all to ourselves in front of an almost deserted beach - priceless!

Who do we contact? L’école de surf ESB Kloar

Les sports d'hiver à Quimperlé les rias

Le bain de la Mor

Well, that's not saying much, but it's no joke! The watchword is 'DARE'! We dare to brave the cold, we dare to push ourselves, we dare to get wet, in short, we dare to go!

You've got it: no overalls! A swimming costume, a poncho to get out of the water, a thermos of your favourite hot drink, a bottle of water to rinse your feet and some warm clothes - that's all you'll need for your challenge! Go on, give it a go, you'll be asking for more!

We love: the challenge, the reassurance of being in the water with others, the "I'm boosting my immune system" aspect, and above all, we love the conviviality and infectious good humour of the happy band of crazy people!

Who do we contact? Nobody! We go straight to the Givrés du Pouldu meeting place on Bellangenet beach in Clohars-Carnoët, at 11am every Sunday morning.

Les Givrés du Pouldu sur la plage de Bellangenet pour le Bain de la MOR
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